IOT Security - and Yoga?

What? Hang on! How can you possibly relate these two topics through a single theory? Well - just  give me a minute of your time and I'll try and explain.

This content is from a presentation I delivered at a well known technical conference in Santa Clara. The way I position things is that there IS a certain philosophical approach behind the evolving world of IoT security and that certain as aspects of my yoga practice seem to map well onto the required discipline.


Over the last several years, I've come to appreciate my time in the yoga studio more and more. I've also spent a large part of my career in the world of video security and IoT systems. Let me try and explain the logic of my connection between a highly technical topic and a spiritual topic through the following key points:

    • At the core of all complicated topics is a simple truth: Some foundational elements are always necessary.
    • Improvement comes from attention to detail: You can't cut corners and expect success.
    • The journey is the destination: Achieving perfection is more or less impossible - but every cycle should get you closer.

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